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1978 280z Turn Signal Mystery and clues


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Yes I have searched the files for things to check...

Recently my turn signals have stopped working. Here is what is working

1. Headlight switch ON: headlights on, taillights on,No front running lights,No Front Sidelights.

2. Emergency Switch ON: Front Flashers ON, Rear Flashers ON.

3. Turn Signal Left or Right: No Turn Signals

Things done so far:

All bulbs have been checked for breakage, all sockets where cleaned, and checked for rot.

Circuit breaker for flasher appears good, and I don't have a dedicated turn signal CB as far as I can tell.

Fusible links all appear intact, give a good continuity check.

Turn Signal Switch circuits all check out good per FSM. CLeaned, very nice condition internally.

Flasher units: All have been replaced within the last month.

Emergency Flasher switch: recently replaced, appears clean internally.

VOLTAGE at Flasher Unit plug: Turn left or right, observed 9-10 volts on the plug. Do not detect any 'clicking' and no turn flashing.

I am kind of out of ideas now. Since the turn signals operate if the emergency flasher is switched on, this tells me that the electrical current is getting to the signals...just not when the turn signal switch is used.


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Check two things. 1.

The hazard switch itself. Take it apart and check the internal contacts for corrosion. Your lucky, yours is in the console and easy to get to.

2. There are a few connectors that are under the dash on the passenger side foot well, actually at the firewall, near the hear core. There are two or three in a bundle there. Pull the connectors apart and look at the pins inside.

I've run into several of these things that have gotten wet from leaking heater cores that have turned the pins in those connectors to green meanies...

3. And of course the turn signal switch itself in steering column could need cleaning as well.

Get the wiring diagram and do some tracing and see what is common with the problem. Good luck!

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Thanks HiveMind.

It always pays to take a break and come at it again the next day. Found the corrosion in the C7 black plug on the exact wire for the blinkers.

Got some battery terminal cleaner that eats up the corrosion for the fix.

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