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    , Texas

  2. View Advert 1978 Datsun 280Z for Sale~ Check it out/ https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1978-datsun-280z-70/ Advertiser txvepr Date 09/05/2020 Price Category Cars for Sale Year 1978 Model 280Z Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)  
  3. You look good as far as I can tell, I rebuilt mine 2 years ago and yours looks like mine. Its not going to free spin with your fingers or hand. You are using the L28 Engine rebuild book, right? Its got everything you need for this. Keep it up!
  4. Question, with the headers, I have noticed after medium to heavy acceleration, and then getting off the gas, that I hear small 'backfiring' ,popping? Is this an indication of a too rich condition, or normal when going from stock exhaust manifold, ? Maybe this was happening but not heard due to the stock manifold ? Thanks.
  5. So to re-cap, I am at 500 plus miles of breakin. I did a compression check last weekend and was a little worried. My pressure was showing 95psi on all cylinders. This was giving me a fright. I was worrying about if I had done something wrong, used the wrong rings, etc.....but it was driving fine. Then I read a short post of someone else having low compression with a build, and someone just threw out there to use the short connector on their pressure gauge. I had been using the handy long hose that came with mine too. So watch out for Harbor Freight pressure gauge with the hose attachment... So tonight I used the short metal tube, and sure enough, it shows 150 psi on all cylinders! Woot!! So I can now sleep at night. Oil change next. Cleanest Head in the County!
  6. Out with the old. Up, Up, and Away!! Of course, I like to dump all the old oil out on the garage floor, just to make sure its all out of there , of course.... (I used a rubber oil plug due to stripped threads on oil pan. , Just don't get it caught on the sled you put it on.) Old and New.
  7. I drive my '78 280Z everyday 40+miles. The car is made to be driven. Unless you are at the level to keep a garage 'queen' , just drive the thing and enjoy it. Fuel injection was made for reliability. Did I mention I DD mine in DFW traffic everyday, except some rainy ones? It starts everytime I turn the key, AC still blows cold(Lord, please let it last!), it has never over heated with the stock cooling system, and I still smile each time I get in it. I feel like I know every inch of it by now.
  8. I used that VHT Flame Proof paint in 'Aluminum'. Baked it on the grill for a while so it should be cured up fairly good.
  9. Dude, there are few absolutes with running old cars, but one of them is -Absolutely no Fuel leaks!- Get those rotten fuel lines replaced ASAP! This is a fire waiting to happen, and then all your fun will be over.
  10. Hey thanks for the comparisons. Mine is the Z version, just a little different angle . Nothing the grinder couldn't fix! Pan is on now.
  11. So this thing is giving me trouble. The oil pickup tube seems to stick out too far 'aft' and hits the oil pan so that I cannot align the screw holes for the bolts. It has been a long time since I removed this , but I don't remember it being jammed in there at the time. Is there any way this tube is a S130 version? Does anyone have a comparison photo of the 2 to show me? Thanks.
  12. Chain guides in. Dizzy shaft timed... Pumps on.
  13. I got the entire stainless steel bolt kit, gaskets, timing kit, clutch, etc... from ZCAR Depot. They are a great supplier and worked with me when we had a minor problem with the chain guide kit. See pic For some reason the left side chain guide was the wrong size, you can see the imprint the timing cover housing made when I tried to install it , the guide had too much flange sticking out. ZCAR Depot sent me the correct part right away and it's all good now. My old one compared with the newer one below.
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