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HELP!!!!! Installing new struts,...question about oil????


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I have taken off work to R&R my 240's struts. I have convinced a local sports car guy to come by to help me. I ordered my stuyts from a local parts store and they arrived this morning.

We have my car torn down and were getting ready to start the re-install on the first strut,...when I notice a warning on the box to, "Make certain I use the correct amont and type of oil in the strut housing".

  • What the heck are they talking about?
  • What oil?
  • What kind do I use?
  • How much do I use,...and
  • Why am I using


My Haynes manual does not reference oil. I have read several threads on this forum about the struts and have never read anything about oil.

Any quick help wiuld be most appreciated as we're standing here wth a disassembled car and I'm lost.

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The oil is used to cool the shocks and add lubrication or so I've been told. While its not needed - as John expressed - if you have the whole assemblies out just fill them up. I used 10W30 oil and it works just fine.

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A lot of folks just use whatever engine oil is on hand out of convenience. It's just there to a) help the shock from seizing inside the tube for the NEXT time you have to replace it, and B) help transfer heat out of the shock insert into the tube because the shock pretty much turns motion into heat.

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Its not bad. Just got through mine. It takes far less oil than you'd expect, around a 1/4 cup I'd guess. You may hit a snag if the shock is seized in the strut tube. Mine came out fairly easy. I was surprised by the dirt inside. My challenge was dealing with getting the progressive lowering springs to work with the spring compressors. I did it. Anybody can do it. Just be patient its pretty straightforward.

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dltalfa would you rate the difficulty of that once you've finished for me please, maybe 1 thru 10, 10 being the worst job ever.

I've got to replace mine soon.



Siteunseen,...it really wasn't all that difficult More than anything, it was cumbersome and time cinsuming. I would rate it a 7 out of 10. I would say it is definatley a 2 person job though.

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