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Barrett-Jackson 240Z

Carl Beck

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Hi Bill:

Good to see you here - You got a Bargain!! Hell, a good job of paint and body work is $10K on a 240Z. Wouldn't surprise me if the person that built the car had over $35K plus a lot of work in it.

No fun running 100+ Octane Racing Fuel - it's around $8.00 per gallon in this area and very few places to buy it. All of which means you can't get very far from home.

You might want to drop the boost pressures down, perhaps do a few things to lower the compression ratio etc - so you can run it on Pump Gas..

At any rate - enjoy it. You bought it right and will have very little trouble getting your money back out of it. Far better than having $10K in a savings account paying 0.1%... Who knows, maybe three years from now you can turn it over for $20K.


Carl B.

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I'm a little slow this week. Thanks for the kind words. My wife is a wonderful person but has no interest in my hobbies. We'll be fine.

Once the car is here, I am sure I will have questions. My Datsun/Nissan experience is limited to a clapped out 1974 610 I drove in college. My only turbo experience was with and 1987 Chrysler LeBaron. I'm sure I'll like this one better.



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