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Newbie from London.


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Hi guys,

New guy from London UK.

Was born and brought up in East Africa, where watching the Safari Rallys, got me hooked on Datsuns, and the Z's. Unfortunately don't own one myself but is something I plan to get one day.

Other family members have, and have owned 260zs, and also have a lot of other Datsun models, that keeps me going for the time being.

Got some nice videos I took at previous safari rallys, will post them up in the appropriate section.


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Welcome to the club ragt20. You will find the members friendly and always helpfull especially when you start looking for a new hobby (Z project) ;)

There are a threw guys from the UK on this forum.

This club (forum) is a lot more active than the clubs in the UK and Europe.



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Its going back awhile but we use to grab fish & chips with vinigar (rapped in a newspaper) in a pub called "the spotted dog" in Wilsden Green before heading of to the Frog & Firkin in Bristol. Ive heard the Frog is now a Russian restaurant called Babushka or something like that. Good old times living in Londen.


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Firkin was an old english fluid measurement. Back in the nighties there was a botique brewery called Firkin and they had a string of pubs all with names ending with Firkin and a catchy jingle to go with it

Frog & Firkin: Frog god sake get me another Firkin pint

Phoenix & Firkin: Phoenix my pint Ill Firkin thump him

And so it goes

The brewery has closed and the pubs have all changed names in Londen. You do find the names in other countries though.

Like I said, times gone by. We where in Londen and a project extending the Jubilee line from Charing Cross under the Themes to Elephant & Castle back to the Docklands light railway. Spending most of my money enjoying Londen.

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