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My love for 797 just got a lot better......


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Last spring I threw 797 on EBay and it bid to $16,300 (no sale) This Fall tried it again ($15,100 I think and no sale).

I was ready for a new adventure and to be honest wasn't enjoying driving the Z as much. Part of my "love loss" came from never finishing all the small stuff on my punch list, the harsh ride, and that #$%$# exhaust smell. Well, three weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and just get everything done, clear up the list and have the car close to 100%........It hurt my wallet but WOW what a difference.

Now, it's literaly like a new car (ok, a 42 year old new car). The biggest difference came from all new struts, it rides so well and handles so much better. The brakes will now throw you thru the windshield with the new booster that should have been done 2 years ago. We also sealed every open space in the firewall and installed a new exhaust and have ZERO exhaust smell. The engine is a beast and revs perfectly....before it would sputter around 4.5 rpms. Turns out it had a bad float.

All these changes and more have totally renewed my passion for the 240......It is truly a pleasure to drive. Maybe now I won't sell it.........

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