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changing efi hoses on 78 280z


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Speaking of sad face. No injectors today either. It sounded like he hadn't even started them, I got three different excuses. Plus he's charging me more than and taking longer than buying a new set. I explained that to him and he just said "ok ok, tomorrow. I'll lower price" then hung up. I looked and okinjectors is $150 to basically restore them or for a bit more I get all new ones. But 250 seems too much, I'm sure I can get a good new set if I'm gonna shell that out. So if the price is still higher, I'd hate to do it to him but he can keep those old mismatched set and I get new ones, rockauto seemed the cheapest. I like supporting local businesses, but don't like getting the shaft. Shaft!

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Black liquid. Odorless, I think, don't remember for sure. I remember it took a couple of seconds to splatter most of my hand before getting a sad face.

That's probably just water and carbon. Both combustion byproducts, running a little rich will produce more carbon. No biggy, they all spray a little back gunk after starting a cold engine.

$250 is over $40 per injector. Almost 1.5 times the Rock Auto price. Let him keep them if he doesn't stick to the initial quote.

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Let him keep them if he doesn't stick to the initial quote.

that's what he wrote on the estimate. didn't see it till i got home and he was closed. 250 would get me new everything from the rail down.

Quit screwing around.

unfortunately, i can't quit screwing around. literally. ha! thank you, i'm here all week.

nothing gets done without those screws. hopefully if order stuff today i can get it in by the weekend.

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After reading all that about the FI shop I would call him back and tell him to forget it and then buy new ones. Thats what I meant by finding a good FI shop. A lot of them are not worth 2 cents. We had a shop do my friends Honda Civic and it was worse then we started playing with the injectors. He ended up buying new ones.

If you still need the injector holder you can find them on this link http://www.ebay.com/itm/NISSAN-DATSUN-FACTORY-OEM-FUEL-INJECTOR-HOLDERS-280Z-280ZX-1975-1983-BRAND-NEW-/160868597488?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item257483fef0&vxp=mtr#ht_1197wt_754

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so that's what those metal things were. when i was cleaning i saw a couple of those in the manifold. maybe from the injectors? cause they don't have them. seem like they might be a pain to reinstall with restricted space.

should have everything in within the week. been sitting for a couple of months so i'll probably do fuel filter and oil change, had done it when i got it. gonna be driving a z again pretty soon...

"'exciting' is hardly the word i'm looking for."

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