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My "new" 1976 Fairlady Z


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So this weekend after making a 15 hour round trip to Potsdam, Ny - this 1976 Fairlady Z is home with me in NYC!

I bought the car from a guy I met 6 years ago who bought it in 1985 while stationed in Japan. He brought the car back to the US in 1989 to upstate NY. It was on the road for another 2 1/2 yrs and has not been started since. Original L20 is in the car but had been stroked to a L26 and lightened flywheel. The factory 5 speed is there and factory AC. After all these years, I got a phone call stating that he might be ready to sell the car. 4 years prior I tried to buy this car and he couldn't bring himself to sell it. After several conversations it was time for me to make the trip to go pick it up. She will need some work but is all there for the most part!






Going to try and get her started as she sits and go through the brakes and clutch.

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Thanks guys! Plan on keeping stock for now and get her running and driving by Spring.

The Ebay Fairlady isn't what it is. No title which the seller did not list. The rear quarter was hit and not repaired well. Reserve is sky high just to gauge value of the car because there are a few local Z guys interested in the car. We shall see what happens, I am afraid who ever goes crazy bidding will end up with it and have no clue teh real condition of the car:


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