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Hi Temp Tape on ANSA Exhaust


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I owned several Ansas on other cars back in the day, and it seems to me that the red "tape" was actually more similar to heat-shrink tubing. Don't know where you'd find that stuff that large these days.

Something you might try - instead of vinyl tape, use red pin-striping tape instead, as wide as you can find - 1/2" looks good. I don't know how durable it is, but I had some on the Monza tip I had on my car for a couple years, and it seemed to hold up OK.

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If I were doing what you're doing, I would skip the tape completely and just mask a band of high temp red paint on there. Brush a couple thick coats on and it will even appear to have the raised thickness area. Nowhere near my area of experience, but is there some other reason that tape would be better than paint?

Roulon down the line.

[snicker!] :classic:

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