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Tweeters in eyeball vents on a 73


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Hi All,

At the Rochester car show last summer I met someone from the Ontario Z Car Club who had tweeters mounted in the center of the eyeball vents. I'd like to do the same, but I can't find any tweeters that are small enough to fit the opening, which measures 1.13". I've called several manufacturers, but even those tweeters advertised as .5" are actually much larger because of the mounting cups.

Since I know that there is at least one tweeter that will fit I'd appreciate your help in identifying the exact model.


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Well now, I did exactly this. I removed the center section and glued the tweeters in with Permatex black silicon seal. I used Sony XS-H20S tweeters. They are 1 1/2" diameter and 29/32" tall. I ran the wire out where the soft duct meets the plastic one giving a little slack so I can adjust the air vents. Works great. Fit perfectly. PM me your email address and I'll send you a picture...I don't seem to be able to post any here...technologically challenged.

Cheers, Mike

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Most "component" Tweeters will fit-I tried that location(behind the vent so the tweeters were not visible) a couple of times with parts cut from Coaxial sets way back when, and actually had better sound strap-mounting them to the front of the seat mount aimed up at the dash-the eyeball location is not conducive to good dispersion left to right-meaning the left you can hear but the right you really can't.

Putting a tweeter in each lower corner of the windshield(a few inches out-aimed into the glass works very well too-many tweeters come with beezel for above panel mountng-and running tab under the windshield garnish keeps them in place through high speed manouvers...That was the best sounding answer I came up with...for tweeters. a few quick passes over the beezel and screen with SEM Landau Black goes a long way to make the additions less noticeable.

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Thanks Mike, PM sent. I realize that this is not an ideal location for tweeters, but I want to keep the interior as stock-looking as possible. Mounting the tweeters on top of the dash would probably yield better sound though.

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