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Plastic Sheet Behind Door Panels

Captain Obvious

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I had to get to the inside of my doors... After I removed the door panel, I pulled the plastic sheet off the door. The sheet, being brittle from age, was unsalvagable. It tore in multiple places and needs to be replaced.

Anyone know what kind plastic Datsun used for that sheet? I know I could just use a trash bag or a plastic drop cloth from a home improvement store, but I think the original was something more robust than polyethylene sheet.

Also, how about suggestions of what to use to hold it in place? I cleaned off all the old butyl and I want to use something that isn't so much of a mess. Suggestions?

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Thanks guys. I like the Peel-N-Seal idea. I didn't do a good job of explaining my dislike of the butyl as an adhesive... My PO had the door panels off and "refreshed" the plastic adhesive with fresh black butyl. He also replaced the rugs and used black butyl on the underside to help hold the rugs in place.

In other words, I had fresh still sticky smearable black butyl all over the place, and every time I touched it, it spread. It was a *&%$# mess.

The stock original butyl on the door plastics wasn't that soft and sticky though, and I don't know if it was simply a time thing or a different composition. There was absolutely no "curing" of the stuff my PO put on. All I know, is that I cleaned all of it off and I don't want to go through that again.

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Thanks all for the additional suggestions.

Wade, I was thinking about the hot glue gun and I got a couple questions.

1) Did you have any problems with the glue melting the plastic sheet?

2) You said "its removable", but I'm not sure what you mean. When you pull the sheet back off the door again, where does the hot (now cold) glue go? Does it stick to the sheet and come off with it, or does it stay stuck to the door metal?

Blue, Does the cured latex caulk come off the doors easily if you have to do it again? I've used plenty of caulk in the past, but not on painted metal.

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Yes! Exactly! I had the door panel off my Honda not long ago and I saw that same stuff. Sticky enough to hold at first and still somewhat tacky years after, not a sticky spreadable gooey mess like that butyl I spent so long cleaning off everything.

I was thinking of asking if anyone knew what that stuff was, but wasn't sure I wanted to pollute the Z forum with a Honda question.

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