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Northern California Weber (maybe Mikuni) tuning day anyone?


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You Mikuni guys, Keith when asked if he could speak to tuning these and other types of carbs said that the 'physics' are the same... That said, we now have 4 guys who are for sure showing up...





I will update this list as we go along... We need 10-12. Don't make me invite my Porsche friends with their downdrafts!

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Announcing The ClassicZcars.com Triple-Trouble Carb Clinic! Sponsored by Original Customs Restoration and Repair.

October 14th, 2012 10am till we get it right...

The Guru in Attendance will be Keith Franck who some of you may know as an expert on our triple Weber carbs. Maker of some of the tastiest innovations available to get the most out of your triples! Keith retired after 32 years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and his application of scientific principles to our carbs has resulted in improvements that no one dreamed of when we bolted these on!

Also, this is hosted and sponsored by Original Customs Restoration and Repair - Meet Mark DeBernardi the owner and proprietor. His shop does amazing rust repair work and fabrication. He can build you an engine or a cage, his vision is legendary in the sports car world!

Original Customs http://www.originalcustoms.com/

19660 Eighth Street East - Suite C

Sonoma, CA

About a mile Northeast of Sonoma Square...


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Thanks again Rob for signing us up.

On a side note: I saw a video on YouTube of your car with Bill (Silverstreak) on the track! I have been instructed and driven with Bill multiple times at NCRC Events! Class act guy, will you be attending the Laguna Seca days with NCRC coming up in October?

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What a neat resource for you guys.

If I can't sell you Hitachis, the least I can do is not begrudge you good luck. We're funny that way.

Ha Bruce! I do have a set of core SU carbs sitting around somewhere with a manifold that I almost rebuilt and put on when I was frustrated with my 'triple-trouble'. But they aren't the flat-tops. Not sure what boat they are preventing from drifting...

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Rob, sorry I just got back from Long Beach (drove down to the japanese classic car show!) with the new triples (awesome, but popping on pedal-off-throttle)... so i just read your PM.

October is now looking bad for me :( I am headed out of country 2nd week of October and won't be back until November. I wish it could be sooner (Sept.), but hopefully you can set up more types of get togethers like this in the future. Thanks again all!


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