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welding the seams?


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Wow, thanks for all the replies guys. The car will be a street car while I own it with some very occasional track days.

First off, acid dipping. I have heard a few stories over the years about how it's not a good idea, causes rusting and bubbling of paint but I have never seen any back up of those claims. Olzed, if you have personal experience with this I would really appreciate any info or links I could follow up on, or anyone else.

Second, Zed Head, John C., 26th, stitch/skip/seam welding. I have to admit I kinda knew the answer to this question but not in regards to Z cars. Just wanted to see owners actual experience. Track cars do it as a matter of course and I'm not tracking really but I thought since it will be down to bare metal what could it hurt? But I can see good sense in what you guys are saying about exposing all that bare metal on a car that I want to last as long as possible.

John, I see your point about not needing seam welding on a street car.

Third, 26th, your probably right about the inner panels causing most of the creaking noise, I had planned on lining all the contact lips on the inner panels with tape on teflon. That way they can still rub and shift without the creaking. Well, it might work.



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If you're worried about the noise might I suggest a different muffler. I mostly drive with the driver's window down and should say my diff lose all its gear oil I doubt I would know it by the grinding sound it would emit. Or maybe a different sound system.

Having owned British and Japanese sports cars for over 45 yrs now there's nothing like driving down the road and wondering - is that noise new?

As to seam welding, I have B&W photos taken during the track preparation of the 260 gnose done up in Bob Sharp's shop showing them welding every seam they could find and added braces and patches where they thought it would help.

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