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Projector Headlight Kit Group Buy


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Any interest in a group buy for HID projector headlights?


-Everything is included (housings (Classic or Modern), 6,000K bulbs, Heavy duty relayed harnesses, and 35W ballasts).

-These kits are plug and play for the most part meaning no splicing into your stock headlight harness.

-These are a substantial upgrade from your stock headlights and use heavy duty relayed wiring kits to protect your stock wiring.

-Significantly improved visibility at night


-Choice of our "Classic" or "Modern" kit

-Optional upgrades including slim 35W ballasts, 55W ballasts, OEM Nissan and Toyota ballasts

-Upgraded Morimoto Bulbs (available in 4,300K, 5,000K, 6,000K)

-RHD models available


-Free shipping to the 48 states

-World wide shipping available


-Really depends on how many plan on purchasing.

-Starts at $350 a set

-First 5 paid will receive a free upgrade to 35W Slim or 55W ballasts

-If we get to 10, there will be an additional discount.

Let me know if you guys have any questions.












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Hi bens!

Is there a way to make these so that it doesn't look like a projector lamp? having that dark spot in the lens really takes away from the classic look of the car (it doesn't look period correct.) Can you show photos of the "Classic" v. "Modern" lamps? Otherwise for now, I think an H4 lamp would be the only appropriate upgrade.


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Looking at the wiring, this kit plugs into the existing headlight circuit, and the new system includes its own relay. Additional relays as we use for H4s are not necessary. If you already have relays, you could leave them in place, it would still work the same. But I don't see any benefit to them, and more relays are just more potential points of failure. So if it were me, I'd remove any existing relay kits before installing this setup.

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Yea, but I didn't buy a kit, I rewired the car and added relays and 2 new 30A circuits for the high and low beams. I don't want to go through all that wiring again, so I guess I'll pass.

You could do it, you would just have to cut our harness to eliminate the relay. You would just go directly from the H4 plug to the blue 9006 Ballast plug. I'm still trying to think if they make a wiring kit that would do this.

I also uploaded some more pictures of the Modern kit. It is available in a Matte black or Gloss black.








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