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  1. Hey guys, Many of you have heard of Dapper Lighting but don't really know what our products are about. Here is a quick informational video that explains our kits pretty well. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Ben
  2. Hey guys, We are releasing our V2 headlights in the next few months. We haven't released them to any of our dealers yet so we are able to offer a group buy. These retail for $499+ and we are holding a group buy for $299 a set. The GB is being organized on hybridz here: Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights - Group Buys - HybridZ You can design your own kit: 1. Halo or No Halo (Same Price) 2. Black or Chrome (Same Price) 3. Halogen or HID (35W/$100, 55W $110) 4. LHD or RHD Let me know if anyone wants to be added to the GB and we can start our own list here. Thanks! Ben
  3. PS: We will be at the San Leandro Historic Japanese Car Gathering tomorrow. If you haven't seen our kits yet, stop by and check them out. Historic Japanese Car Gathering - Shokuji J-Tin | San Leandro | City Badger
  4. Hey everyone, For those of you that have Dapper Lighting projector headlights installed, be sure to check out our install page. We show you how to focus bulbs and align your headlights properly. You can find the link here Thanks!
  5. It should be fairly simple to wire then.
  6. $85 shipped with a halogen bulb (Normally $160 with harness/bulb). I have a PDF wiring diagram which will help you wire it up. Add $85 if you want an HID kit. That includes ballasts, bulbs (+$10 if you want yellow/3000K), and relay harness. Like I said before, you will have to be a little creative getting everything to work. This is just for the fog projectors and bulbs- no wiring. They sell a generic fog wiring harness on ebay for pretty cheap.
  7. We also have fog lights available for those who are creative/custom. They do not come with any wiring or brackets but will put out a boat load of light. You can aim them either as lower for fogs or level with your headlights. The pictures below have our Classic headlight kit as well as our fog kit. PS: The lights will be pushed further back in the pictures. He hasn't finished mounting them yet. Also one of his headlights is not aligned and has the wrong color bulb in it..
  8. I'm starting the list. Should I add your name?
  9. You could do it, you would just have to cut our harness to eliminate the relay. You would just go directly from the H4 plug to the blue 9006 Ballast plug. I'm still trying to think if they make a wiring kit that would do this. I also uploaded some more pictures of the Modern kit. It is available in a Matte black or Gloss black.
  10. Any interest in a group buy for HID projector headlights? Benefits: -Everything is included (housings (Classic or Modern), 6,000K bulbs, Heavy duty relayed harnesses, and 35W ballasts). -These kits are plug and play for the most part meaning no splicing into your stock headlight harness. -These are a substantial upgrade from your stock headlights and use heavy duty relayed wiring kits to protect your stock wiring. -Significantly improved visibility at night Choices: -Choice of our "Classic" or "Modern" kit -Optional upgrades including slim 35W ballasts, 55W ballasts, OEM Nissan and Toyota ballasts -Upgraded Morimoto Bulbs (available in 4,300K, 5,000K, 6,000K) -RHD models available Shipping: -Free shipping to the 48 states -World wide shipping available Pricing: -Really depends on how many plan on purchasing. -Starts at $350 a set -First 5 paid will receive a free upgrade to 35W Slim or 55W ballasts -If we get to 10, there will be an additional discount. Let me know if you guys have any questions. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, I manufacture headlights for the 7" round size. I use REAL projectors designed to be used with HIDs which means no blinding and a very defined cutoff. You can check out my site at: www.Trueprojectorheadlights.com I run the modern kit in my s130 and classic kit in my 911. Feel free to email me: trueprojectorheadlights@gmail.com I have sold more than 35 sets on Hybridz and they have gotten very good reviews. Let me know if you guys have any questions at all. Thanks, Ben
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