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How hard is it to put in a fuel injection system??

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For a super system:

- Read up on megasquirt.

- You will need a new intake, injectors, high pressure pump, high pressure fuel lines some sensors, fuel pressure regulator, and a controller/computer.

- An ITB intake would be great.

For a workable solution:

- Quickest and easiest is to gut a 280z and transfer the parts over.

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It would depend on how well you understand fuel injection. There are no bolt on and go systems available, as far as I have heard. They all take some planning before buying parts, and some expertise in engine tuning after everything's bolted together.

On your car, assuming its the stock carbed engine, everything from fuel lines to the gas tank, fuel lines to the engine, fuel pump, cylinder head, and intake manifold would need some modification, or replacement. All to work with whatever engine management system you decide to use, to control the firing of the injectors.

The more common way to get fuel injection in to a 240Z is to swap in a complete 280Z engine and wiring harness, with ECU.

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