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  1. Only one way to put this-Leon,go back to school.You haven't a clue.
  2. HP is a product of airflow-not fuel delivery method.
  3. Assuming the stock system is working AS INTENDED all of the above EXCEPT performance.
  4. Actually a set of locomotive horns is more fun.
  5. Ya'll are missing the basics:Oil change & air filter cjange prior.
  6. While this is accurate,here in Az. on my wifes 78 620,all they give a rat's arse about is idle emissions,gas cap & that the AIR pump is on the truck.
  7. As the merits of the OE system have been documented here,it still can't hold a candle to a modern(MS)system.
  8. For the day,it was a really,REALLY good piece.But as mentioned,it doesn't like big sticks.THe newer systems will make more power only because they can adapt to bigger cams,change timing & the like.But bottom line is HP is a result of "airflow-not fuel delivery method".On a stock motor,putting carbs on isn't really a bright idea-absolutely no benefit. CO-if you search under "ECM" i posted an article awhile back about some internal issues on the "computer".
  9. Find TDC and see if the line is at 0 or just a hair before.Really long odds on the balancer being the problem.
  10. Bump it in 2 degree increments.Sooner or later it's not going to like the increase.Then drop it down 2 degrees.Tuning is all trial & error.THere is no magical number that ANYONE can tell you will work best.
  11. Screw California.As far as timing goes, the figure is a base line,each motor will like what it's gonna like.Play with it untill it runs the best.
  12. Same situation but different:My wifes 620 was built with a header,because i had it,so i figured what the hell?Well,i have the factory manifold going back on as time allows.If you do the header,take it to a machine shop and have them check the flanges for straight-ness.THen use Ultra-copper on the gasket and let it COMPLETELY cure before starting.
  13. O.K.,back to the basics:THe fuel system from the check valve to the FPR and the seven injectors is a"pressure vessel"of sorts.Assuming no visable line leaks,the pressure is escaping SOMEWHERE(either the check valve,injectors or FPR).If the rail is charged at 30psi,fuel CAN NOT boil/expand/vaporize(chemical content of the fuel be damned).But when the psi drops(fuel is escaping somewhere)THEN vaporization(expanding vapor) can occur. So now we are back to chasing a leak.You can plug the csi and rule that out.One idea,is to remove the entire fuel rail WITH injectors & FPR attached,charge the line and look for leaks.
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