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    i have a orange 1971 240z...it is in the process of restoration
  1. I am in the process of of hanging plastic before i paint the underside. I dont have a painting booth so im hanging up plastic, it will work for what im doing for now.
  2. Is it worth putting power steering into a early z??
  3. We are ready to clean and degrease the underside. After that we will start to paint
  4. We got the rotisserie done a week ago and we are almost done cleaning the underside....once we are done we will paint the underside...
  5. Me and my dad are building a Car rotisserie, we got the front done and starting working on the back. The front post has about 3 inches between each bolt hole so i have plenty of adjusement. After we get the rotisserie done we will paint the underside and go from there.
  6. i will probably stay with carbs but thanks
  7. I have a 1971 240z and i want to know how hard it is to put in a fuel injection system or how long would it take?
  8. I would like to know what kind of carpet i should use on my 1971 240z.
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