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clutch on a 260z

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I just replazced the clutch preasureplate and bearing on my 1974 260z. It now grabs very close to the top on the clutch pedal travel. How can I adjust the pedal so the clutch grabs a little closer to the floor



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Step 1 - Chill cold beverage of preference.

Step 2 - After Step 1 is complete (beverages must be cold), park the Z so that you can open the driver side door as much as possible.

Step 3 - Contort yourself as much as possible to get your head and shoulders close to the clutch pedal.

Step 4 - (I prefer using a pick with a hook end for this.) Remove the cotter key from the clevis pin that holds the clutch pedal to the push rod head on the clutch MC.

Step 5 - Remove the clevis pin. (Note: Make sure you leave these parts some place where you can find them later.)

Step 6 - Loosen or remove (I can't remember if you can get away with just loosening the bolts.) the bolts that hold the clutch MC to the firewall.

Step 7 - Move the lock nut on the clutch MC push rod toward the reservoir. You shouldn't have to move it too far.

Step 8 - Move the push rod head to butt up against the lock nut.

Step 9 - Align the push rod head and the clutch pedal so you can put in the clevis pin.

Step 10 - Get some of that cold beverage because you've probably worked up a sweat.

Step 11 - Tighten the clutch MC to the firewall.

Step 12 - Test travel of clutch pedal. DO NOT TAKE THE CAR FOR A DRIVE, YET.

Step 13 - Readjust the pedal if necessary.

Step 14 - After getting pedal to your liking, put the cotter key back in the clevis pin.

Step 15 - Finish consuming cold beverages.



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Funny? Heck, I replaced the clutch master a couple of months ago. It's pretty close to the same procedure, especially with the cold beverages. Given that the OP is in Arizona, the cold beverages are even more critical.

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Hey I live in Mississippi and is hot 98 and very but very humid. That is why I thought it was funny the way you describe it, the cold vererage is important before during and after. GA is no different, I also found out that some good tunes helps a lot.

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