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The PO gave me wood


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That's funny! Makes one wonder how many beers does it take to forget leaving something like that in the engine. Wonder how bad the guide got bent or if it snapped any mounting bolts.

I've heard that the newer timing guides aren't as wide. My friend Norm mentioned that he had heard of trouble with new production guides. Maybe this is some example of a "genius" redneck enginneer creating a new anti chain flopping device.

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Wonder how bad the guide got bent or if it snapped any mounting bolts.

There doesn't seem to be any damage. The chain and guides look fine. There isn't much crap in the pan and the cylinder bores look great.

I want to know what the po was up to. Head gasket?

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I had the same experience with my first Z many years ago. I had the timing chain replaced by a "great" mechanic that worked at a gas station. The next time I went to change the oil, splinters of wood came poring out with the oil until a big piece practically plugged the drain hole! That was some fun because being a poor college student, that was my daily ride...oh those were the days!



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I can tell you, it's really not that hard to leave the chock in there! :stupid: I've made my own, very short so I can take the cam bolt out and drop the sprocket, pull the chain over the teeth to find a new timing position, all done in seconds.

When I want mine to come out after doing work, I just turn the engine slightly via the crank bolt and the wedge instantly pops out....;)

As for that block of wood, someone had no freaking idea what they were doing.....or needing to do the job properly.


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It seems on pg. 17 of my 'How to rebuild your Nissan/Datsun OHC engine book', there is a photo and a few paragraphs dealing with 'the most important tool' for working on an L-series engine. the WOOD BLOCK. There is also advice about attaching a retrieving wire or cord to it. Somebody didn't read the book.

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I was afraid to clik on that posting just based on the title "PO gave me Wood". But since there was no warning at the top that the posting was for adults only, I kept reading. Haha

Yeah sure...we know why you clicked on that... :D

Whenever I use a wooden wedge, I drive a screw into the top of it and fasten a length of wire so that if it does drop, I can yank it out. It also serves as a reminder to remove before flight.


Get your minds out of the gutter!

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