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Engine Problems


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Okay People,

Here is one for ya. I think it may just be a misbalanced carb. But tell me what you think. First some background:

I recently pulled my Z car out, for a move, havn't driven it all winter. And when to start it, and sure enough, battery is dead. So I jumped it, and let it charge, no go. It was so dead that it wouldn't take a charge. I ran down to sears, and exchanged it for a new one, was still under warrenty. And then put it in and turned the key, fires right up. Running a little rough, but what do you except, it's been all winter. I let it warm up, and rev the engine a few times. It settles down right around 1000rpm's where it has always done it. Sounds great so far. So I close the hood, and sit down behind the wheel, put it in gear, and start to drive away. As soon as I begin to put stress on the the engine, going up a hill, it hicups. Not a back fire. But more like a sieze. Then continues on. Okay, well maybe the car is low on fuel, (Gas gauge doesn't work) so I drive down the hill, and drop $10 bucks in the tank. ( And at $1.90 per gallon, that isn't much ) No hicups to this point. I hop back in the seat, and turn the key, I hear the solinoid go out, but the starter can't turn the engine. I know it is not the starter, I just replaced it with a New Nissan one not to long ago. I try again, nothing. So I hit the steering wheel, and pray to the Z god, and try again. Fires right up.... Okay, time to go back to the house and see what I can see, so backup the hill I go, and once again the engine starts to hicup. And it is everytime I accelerate. Once I'm at a constant speed, it is fine, but when I accelerate, it hicups.

So what I'm wondering if maybe my drive chain is getting worn, or something may be bent in the there. Maybe a dirty Sparkplug? Anyways, can you give me a list of ideas. I going to go home tonight, and start looking. Just never seen anything like this before, and I really am scratching my head.

-- Chris

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I'm assuming you haven't started the car for 6 months...

That little hicup is probably a temporary lean condition. I think its time to do a complet tuneup - its spring time and the car will love you for it!

1. Adjust the valves.

2. Go through the iginition system and make sure everything is in good shape and adjusted to spec.

3. Go through the full carb adjustment/sync ritual.

4. Change all the fuilds and filters.

5. Check all the belts and hoses.

6. Adjsut the clutch.

7. Crawl under the car and check the suspension, chassic, fuel tank and lines.

8. Pull the wheels off and check/bleed/adjust the brakes.

You've got a 3 day weekend ahead of you. Can you think of a better way to spend it? OK, maybe you can...



John Coffey


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Yeah, that sound like a great Idea. It has been 6 months since I started it. I'll do it this weekend, and post a message on how things go later..

-- Chris

[This message has been edited by Chris (edited 05-25-2000).]

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