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  1. I've recently pulled apart my rear suspension. And was going to replace my rear bearings, since I bought them a couple of years ago, and never installed them. Problem is, I can't get the ^#%$^ nut off. I notice that Nissan smashes it into the threads, and so it seems that you need to use a nut breaker, and just break the nut. Then buy a new one, and smash it back in. Is this how to do it? Please help.... How has anyone else done it? -- Chris :disappoin
  2. Chris

    Cam Color

    I do notice a slapping sound coming from the head when I start the engine. Would that be a sign of valves out of spec? -- Chris
  3. Chris

    Cam Color

    Anyone notice in the other pictures the Socket extension in the end of the hose attached to the anti-backfire valve? -- Chris
  4. Chris

    Cam Color

    Over view of the Engine...
  5. Chris

    Cam Color

    Please notice the difference in color between lobes 5 & 6 from the right. The picture doesn't show it very clearly, but there is a difference. Also the orange strip.. I think it is paint, need to look closer, but does that identify what type of cam it is? -- Chris
  6. I've just pulled the valve cover off my Z, and noticed that the lobes on my Engine are slightly different colors. Some are very shiny, while others are dull. Below are a couple of picture? And I to guess that the valves are out of adjustment. Some always touching the lobes, while some do not? -- Chris
  7. Chris

    Dead Battery

    Okay: I just went out side to work on the Z and changed the oil, and gaped the sparkplugs, when I then decided to balance the carbs. I found all my tools, and was getting ready to start her up. I looked in the manual it said warm it up to normal operating temp. So I jumped into the seat and turned the key... NOTHING!!! Tried a couple more times, NOTHING... Not even a solenoid would move... So I grab the VOM, and checked the battery.. 0.03v "It's dead Jim" Now what is funny, is that one week ago, I replaced the battery because it went bad.. It was dead, and wouldn't take a charge. So ran down to Sears, and they replaced it on warranty with a brand new one. I installed it last weekend, and it started right up, but it coughed and would hiccup when ever I put stress on the engine going up a hill or accelerating. So that is why I was working on it tonite. This is what I'm thinking. I have a short somewhere in my wiring, but rather then being a dead short, it is a partial short, and has so much resistance in the short, that it has a trickle drain effect. My question to you people is in what order should I start eliminating items. The battery cables are new, and check out, and starter is new, but I need to pull it and check it out, and I guess I should pull the alternator, and check it. What about the voltage regulator? Could that be it? Was replaced 10 years ago or so. What could I check to see if it has gone bad.... HELP!!! I a man without a running Z, and this is worst than not being able to have SEX tonight..... --- Chris 72' 240
  8. Yeah, that sound like a great Idea. It has been 6 months since I started it. I'll do it this weekend, and post a message on how things go later.. -- Chris [This message has been edited by Chris (edited 05-25-2000).]
  9. Okay People, Here is one for ya. I think it may just be a misbalanced carb. But tell me what you think. First some background: I recently pulled my Z car out, for a move, havn't driven it all winter. And when to start it, and sure enough, battery is dead. So I jumped it, and let it charge, no go. It was so dead that it wouldn't take a charge. I ran down to sears, and exchanged it for a new one, was still under warrenty. And then put it in and turned the key, fires right up. Running a little rough, but what do you except, it's been all winter. I let it warm up, and rev the engine a few times. It settles down right around 1000rpm's where it has always done it. Sounds great so far. So I close the hood, and sit down behind the wheel, put it in gear, and start to drive away. As soon as I begin to put stress on the the engine, going up a hill, it hicups. Not a back fire. But more like a sieze. Then continues on. Okay, well maybe the car is low on fuel, (Gas gauge doesn't work) so I drive down the hill, and drop $10 bucks in the tank. ( And at $1.90 per gallon, that isn't much ) No hicups to this point. I hop back in the seat, and turn the key, I hear the solinoid go out, but the starter can't turn the engine. I know it is not the starter, I just replaced it with a New Nissan one not to long ago. I try again, nothing. So I hit the steering wheel, and pray to the Z god, and try again. Fires right up.... Okay, time to go back to the house and see what I can see, so backup the hill I go, and once again the engine starts to hicup. And it is everytime I accelerate. Once I'm at a constant speed, it is fine, but when I accelerate, it hicups. So what I'm wondering if maybe my drive chain is getting worn, or something may be bent in the there. Maybe a dirty Sparkplug? Anyways, can you give me a list of ideas. I going to go home tonight, and start looking. Just never seen anything like this before, and I really am scratching my head. -- Chris
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