Removing 280Z Dash Light Rheostat?

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I am having a difficult time in removing the rheostat that controls the dash lights in a '78 280Z. I have followed the instructions outlined in the FSM and can't get to it. There must be a better way. The PO had installed a dash cap and I had to remove it and tons of silicone just to remove the tach. Has anyone done this from beneath the dash?


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Late reply but maybe others can use the information.  Take out you tachometer and speedometer.  Clamp pliers on the  metal rod going into the rheostat.  Lightly clamp another plier on the dash cap and slowly turn a little back and forth (while holding the first set of pliers firmly), until you break the glue bond.  Apparently Datsun glued the dash cap on.   

Now you have to remove 3 more screws for things mounted behind the rheostat, push the brackets back, and then you can barely get the rheostat out.

Good luck.



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