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83 280 Z Need Vacuum Diagram


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there are a bunch of vacuum hoses that are leading to nothing and i dont know what is supossed to go i really need help with this car its my first z car but i love it to death.... well i wouldnt die for it but u get the point its a great car but since im in my own topic i figured id bring up another issue with my car...

yesterday it was running fine as long as you dont hot rod it it runs fine i got on it a little yesterday and it died and now it wont start back... its not getting fire to the coil is there any way to "Bypass" the or "Hotwire" the coil I really need to get this issue fixed because its the only car i have to drive to get to work or anything and i cant do that im on P.T.O right now because of this trying to get my car fixed any help would be greatly appreciated...

B.T.W i still need t diagram the vacuum diagram if anybody would be so kind to upload 1 or point me in the right direction to get it thank you all and have a great day i will be on here throughout the day since i cant make it to work to check up and see if yall have figured anything out for me and once again thank you so much


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You do realize that you're on what is predominantly a 240-260-280Z site, right? Yeah, there are a few members that have 280ZXs but there really isn't what you'd refer to as a lot of discussion here about them. Just trying to explain the lack of responses. Here's a link to a 1983 280ZX factory service manual and perhaps you can find what you're looking for in there:


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i have still not found the right vacuum diagram if anybody could help i would greatly appreciate it i found a diagram but i cant read it at all i have no idea where to start without the diagram... maybe this info will help somebody else find this diagram for me i am going crazy without it thanks for all the help everybody

General Information

Passengers 2

Year 1983

Doors 3

Make Nissan


Model 280ZX

Forced Induction No

Engine Type Straight 6 Cylinder Engine

Style 2-Door Coupe 5-Spd


Engine Size 2.7L/168 CID

Fuel Type Gasoline Fuel

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nobody at all i mean somebody on here should at least know how i can hook the vacuum lines up... its a 2.7 non turbo inline 6 - 83 280zx 5 speed...

im pretty sure its a 2.7 but when im looking the car up it says L28 wouldnt that be a 2.8 liter :| im a little confused right now this is my first Z Car

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