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Too old to road race


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I was out cruising my favorite backroad this weekend, when I encountered a red sports coupe that came racing out of nowhere and on my tail. I let the guy blow past me, then tried half heartedly to catch up. I know the road pretty well, and really didnt want to over do it. There are some great twisties, and we got up to 85 plus on some straightaways, but I didnt try to over do it on the corners, and did manage to get closer to th guy on some curves. But I really thought"this is some young daredeveil, and I'm way to old and cautious to take any chances."

When we hit a long straightaway, I just slowed down to 60. No big deal, Im not trying to win a race, or get killed. I do wonder what kind of car it was. At first , in the rearview mirror, I thought it was a Ford Probe(!?). It had a big hump on one side of the hood, maybe a turbo? It could have been one of the Mitsubishi coupes, but it did handle very well!

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