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2nd or 3rd introduction...I forget


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Hi guys, don't know if any of you remember me or not, its been way too long since I have visited here. I have come to find out that Z's really are an addiction. To be able to function in life without one, you have to remove all reminders of them. I've done really well over the years staying away and pretending that I don't need a Z.....until now.

A little about me. I'm a Police Officer in North Carolina who has been doing photography on the side (www.446Photography.com). There has been a lot of changes in my life in the past couple of years. I have divorced and am about to get remarried. For those of you who are giving me that look....I've given it too...I have to say she is the best woman out there, and is pushing me to get a Z again. How cool is that? What's even better is that she wants me to teach her 5 year old daughter about them, and have it be a project for the both of us.

I have owned a '72 which I loved, but it had some issues (rust of course). My first wife made me sell it when we were engaged. I know...this should have been a clue, but I was young and stupid. Now I'm older and just slightly less stupid. What I am trying to find is a good condition Z preferably 70-72, but will consider up to 78. Rust is a major concern for me, read as I don't want any. I've passed up chances to buy nearly perfect cars because of body rot under the battery. I want one to tinker with that doesn't need a trip to the body shop.

I'll be floating around here as I try to get my head wrapped around how I am going to find a Z and come up with the funds to bring it home. Here's to the chase....

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Thanks guys! I hope I find one this go 'round. I've been looking at the $100,000 resto mod thread and that really has me stoked. Granted my budget will never cover anything like that, but the body work is so perfect. Love the rhino lining on the underside.

Anyone know what ever happened to the member 2ManyZs? He was a regular back in the days when I frequented here. I've lost his email address and I'm wondering if he ever finished his build.

What is sad is I have enough money invested in my camera gear that I could have bought two Z's like what I'm looking for. I gave up my Z hunt in favor of trying my hand at photography, now I want to turn wrenches again instead of hunting waterfalls. I'm so fickle!!!

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Keep your options open about how far you want to travel to find one. Search craigs list religiously, and you'll find one for a decent price.

I will let you know if a couple around here become available. Then it will be up to you to make the decision, how much is too much, how far will you travel, etc.

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