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Why are so many of these turning up in Florida


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It's a great looking car, but for a car that was supposedly pampered and driven only 118 miles in the last 26 years, why would it need a valve job or a even a new clutch and brake master cylinder or paint? I can't believe that they would do all that work just to sell it.

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their website says sale pending...

Prospective buyer went to look at it - and walked away. I'm sure he was very disappointed... I looked at the car today. Had to ask twice if this was the car they have on e-bay.

Classic example of why you NEVER buy a car without first physically inspecting it.


Carl B.

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A repaint - of very low quality. Glass left in the car etc..{Maako Special}

Dry rotted carpet,cracked dash with half dash cover,bad weather stripping/seals

Plastic Rear Panel - for the tail lights - replaced with a sheet of dark gray cardboard.

Chrome on the rear bumper is a mess.

Entire under carriage coated with black undercoat

Engine components all painted... very amateur and juvenile. Things that were originally Yellow Cad are now painted black, valve cover painted gray, fuel lines painted white....get the picture?

Impossible to tell how or if rust damage was fixed. At this point the actual body looks pretty straight, but you would have to strip it bare metal to see. This "might" have been a good car at one point, but it looks like it fell into the hands of 14 year old, that had time to screw with it but no funds to do anything right.

In short - a real crying shame...

Edited by Carl Beck
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