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Undercoating removal


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You could use just a scraper to get it off but it comes off a lot easier if you use a heat gun or even better with a gas torch just to warm it up. Then get the remaining residue media blasted.

Just make sure you work in a very well ventilated area as the fumes could be an issue.

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I am with anthony, when it is cold it pops right off. My car is covered with the stuff and we have it apart to paint. I am going to try putting dry ice in a cover and see if I can't get it to pop off in pieces that way. You can see in the pictures that at some point, I am certain when it was new, the stuff was put on every seam, behind every plastic panel, the entire bottom of the car, every where, including the entire bottom of the hood. The good news is that the ONLY rust was a nickle size hole in one of the shock towers.




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My car was rust proofed by the dealer with Ziebart in 1976. I used WD40 to soften the stuff and wipe it away in my engine bay area. I would spray it on and leave it set for 15 or 20 minutes and then sometimes I had to use fine steel wool to rub it off.

The area in the picture was covered with Ziebart spray before I cleaned it.


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