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  1. can i turbo the N42 block even though its not a turbo block? also rods and cranks are same as turbo blocks?
  2. Could someone tell me if they have the 280ZX snowflakes wheels installed on a 240Z? If so, what maximum size tires can/would fit? Because I want to use the 225/50/15..
  3. As for blocks to use with an overbore: the N42 block has better thickness in the cylinder walls and is a FULL siamesed block. Also, I have never heard any reports of the lack of coolant passages between cylinders being a problem in terms of cooling. The best years of N42 being the ones made for the USA market in 75-76. From what I understand they had higher nickel content in the block. However, any of the N42's are good as they are all very strong blocks. As for the F54, the cylinder walls are thinner for better cooling and coolant passages between the cylinders (hence the non-siamessed). You
  4. Does anyone use NGK Iridium plugs work with MSD 6AL/ZX dizzy? Please let me know how it runs..Currently i have ngk iridium but i want o make sure it can run with MSD 6al with ZX dizzy..
  5. Do you guys know a place on SoCAL Inland Empire that repair dented/re-chrome rear 240Z bumper..Thanks..
  6. I currently have a JDM L28 motor with F54\P90 head flat piston ...running a su carbs for now..How close i am to have a L28ET..I already have a '75 N42 intake and exhaust manifold..Please help me list down the parts..TIA
  7. damn sound like rebuild..
  8. Im having a noise from tranny like a metal to metal whining noise..when on idle it make noise but if i step on the clutch its gone I just recently change my clutch to Centerforce II..You think my new throwout bearing gone bad, input shaft bearing or clutch mis-adjusted? but other than that they all shifts fine on all gears with no noise..pls help..
  9. I saw a listing on craiglist a N33 intake manifold for sale with remove emission..is this ideal for SU carbs and same performance as N36 intake?? Please let me know your opinion before i get them..
  10. sure...where are you located???
  11. Please help someone selling a turbo block with flat piston rebuilt for $350..but the number 5 cylinder have a sleeve on it..what do u think having sleeve on a one cylinder for longevity, wearness and vulneverity..
  12. thank you Arne..have done full polyurethane bushing and how was it?
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