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Well i work with guy who is a certified machinist/car lover and he used to work with all these high temp materials. And he was tellin me about a throttle body and plenum spacer he made for Chevy big block with this crank and that differential and this shifter u kno everything muscle guys like to name. He said those spacers got him about 2 tenths off his quarter mile because the engine air was much cooler with these high temp seals....well blah blah i asked him what would he need to make me one for the 280....he said get me gasket and ill make you one for 15 bucks. I said you got it. i mean fifteen bucks thats it. He told me when gets it done and he'll bring it to me at work. BUt anyways i hope he chimes in i asked him to join so everyone could contact him easily and so he can tell you the kind of material being used . I also asked if he could make some for the forum(hybridz/classiczcar) to see if anyone else wanted to get their hands on it. For cheap while its good.

I believe he has a facebook.

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Big difference between the intake setup/design on a mid/late 70s S30/S130 and a modern throttle body/MAF/IAT sensor/etc. setup. I just don't see sticking a spacer between the throttle body and the manifold having any appreciable effect on the Datsun setup.

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The guy tipped me off how to make these and where to get the parts from and since i have worked as a cnc machinist i know how important attention to detail is so I will be making a thermal intake/exhaust manifold spacer for myself and any others who are interested after results and testing. The spacer will be for a 78 280z with round ports and as much as i would like to do dyno comparison of stock vs stock w/spacer im not because when i remove the exhaust manifold a 3-2-1 header will replace it. So dyno testing will be futile when trying to find the direct effect of the spacer itself. But i will do a dyno test showing the gains of a 3-2-1 header plus exhaust and spacer vs stock. But the main test will be focusing mainly on intake temperatures. So i will be back in a few weeks to share the info.

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