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Mustache bar bushing shells


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I am rebuilding the rear suspension and plan to use urethane bushings. On the mustache bar I expected to see a one-piece shell after removing the rubber. Instead, the bushing had a two piece rubber and two piece outer shell. Is this normal? One edge rolls over on the bar, the other roll in. The new bushing will not fit in the rolled in end. Help, see pics.

My Z in a 1970.





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I had the same issue with mine, I ended up grinding off the inner lip so it would be even with the rest of the shell. I then rounded the now sharp edge so as not to cut into the new ES bushing. Worked like a charm. Sorry I was too involved to take any pics at the time but everything looks good. Not a lot of help in the ES instructions. common sense, and simple ingenuity prevailed.

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Never seen a split bushing. The factory bushings I seen are one piece that are press-flared outward and don't start with a split shell. Must be some kind of aftermarket stock bushing replacement. In any event, just do what Terrapin did, grind out the inner flare and make it all smooth... You do need the shell or the ID is too big for the POLY bushing. Its all good.

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