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Per-Spec mag 16x7 group buy idea!

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Found some marks! After looking really really close and with a flash light I saw something very faint. Turns out I was looking for embossed markings when they are actually engraved. After cleaning off all the dirt In the same 12 o`clock place as Pleiners it reads "D11 4". Then in the 3 and 6 o'clock positions but on the inner rim wall are tool marks that are 3 slashes like this "\\\". One set of slashes at each spot. Thats all that i found. The thread towers were made in Taiwan btw. Will post pics Monday.

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OK, I;m placing a $1,000 REWARD on this rim


NOT this rim




See the difference? I need the one with the Slant lip or Deep Dish Lip. What kind of lip is this called btw?

The rim for as a heard is an American Racing wheel model called GT MAG according to on old brochure the was read to me.

I really would like to have this rim please and can't find it anywhere but on the car Fun_In_My_Z sold :(

Anyone with any leads please call me Day or Night at 530-701-1244

Thyanx ~Z~

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