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BRE 240Z Kyosho Model released!!

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Kyosho is releasing a new Model, one I have been involved with over the last several years.

At long last they have released the BRE #46 240Z. Modeled after my car, with extensive detail. This model is incredible and a got to have item for the BRE collector:


Available as of 8/18/09 place your order now with BRE and get one signed by Peter and John!


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#7 for me.

Thanks for the early advice Ron and Mike.

I had been wanting to buy a good quality BRE model for some time and was lucky to read your post at the same time that I was ready to purchase.

This model will sit nicely in my memorabilia collection alongside the poster signed by Mr K.

Anyone interested in purchasing a model signed by both John Moreton and Peter Brock should note that only 146 autographed models will be available and only through BRE. Get in soon.

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I received #004 yesterday, but I had already seen the prototype several times, so I knew what to expect.

I notice the model has the red/yellow "euro" taillights, rather than the red/red taillights that North American HLS30s received. I haven't seen any color pictures of the real BRE 46 car from the rear, so I'm not sure if that is correct or not. If it is correct, I wonder why that change was made. I found a picture of Ron's replica car and it has the "euro" taillights too, so maybe they are period correct. However, I also have a silver Kyosho S30 model that appears to be the HLS30 version, but it has the "euro taillights". All it needs is the rear spoiler and it would be the same as the "Fairlady Z Export Model" as shown at the Oct 1969 Tokyo auto show.

Also, both the BRE model and the silver HLS30 model say "Fairlady Z" on the bottom, so I guess Kyosho didn't get the memo that the S30 was really the 240Z and was only designed for the American market LOL.




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The tail lights should be all red, I was able to buy a set of euro lenses for my tribute car before they got to be crazy stupid amounts of money. So that is what is on the car...

I received my model from Japan about a week and a half ago. It is amazing all the effort that goes into building these models...

It is really a treat to see this dream come true.

Special thanks to Bill Bennett and Peter and Gayle Brock.





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Ron Carter! You mean to tell me that your tail light lenses aren't correct?!!?!!! There goes the neighborhood!

My DelPrado model by Shin Yoshikawa has yellow lenses however the pictures from the booklet seem to be all red lenses. I wondered about that.

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