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Broke a few bolts off in frame...need help.

Zak's Z

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I have my car up on stands and was removing the diff and half-shafts on the weekend. I knew these bolts would be a problem, I lubed them first, then used a torch and heated them up. The firast one turned a half turn then the head snapped off. All the rest broke off also. I noticed that the P/O must have snapped one off also because one was snapped off before I got to it.

I guess the best way now is to drill/tap it. But I need new bolts. I looked in the fiche and I *think* its #20. It says BOLT HEX M10 x4 (but theres 5 bolt holes?).

Anyone know the exact specs of this bolt so I can get replacements?



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I photoshopped my fiche enough to read a part number, it was missing some letters and blurry. I punched part# 08124-03010 into nissanparts.cc and it came back 08124-0301A BOLT.

I guess I can just order them from Nissan. I power washed my half-shafts and diff and discovered the u-joints in them with zerk fittings. There was so much grease and crap caked on them. Now Im going to clean them up, paint them, new bushings, u-joints and as long as I can get the broken bolts out (fingers crossed) I'll be set.

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I havn't seen KROIL anywhere here, nor PB Blaster. I have been using anti-seize on things Ive already taken apart and put back together... So far I've been lucky, 2 bolts in the front of the engine cover, removed no problem. 1 head bolt again got it out, now these 4.

If I can get these 4 out (they're pretty important!) I'll consider the whole thing a success. I'll keep you posted.

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Found this on another site. Not sure how accurate, but hey, cheap alternative...

Be careful with acetone though, one of my buddies almost blew the chemistry lab back in university...

"The April/May 2007 edition of Machinist's Workshop did a test of penetrating oils where they measured the force required to loosen rusty test devices. Buy the issue if you want to see how they did the test. The results reported were interesting. The lower the number of pounds the better. Mighty interesting results for simple acetone and tranny fluid!

Penetrating oil . Average load .. Price per fluid ounce

None ................. 516 pounds .

WD-40 .............. 238 pounds .. $0.25

PB Blaster ......... 214 pounds .. $0.35

Liquid Wrench ... 127 pounds .. $0.21

Kano Kroil ........ 106 pounds .. $0.75

ATF-Acetone mix.. 53 pounds .. $0.10

The ATF-Acetone mix was a 50/50 mix (1 to 1 ratio)."

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I hear that straight diesel fuel cuts rust pretty well, but I usually use PB blaster. (it smells awful however...)

If you can get those bolts from Nissan they would likely work better, but if I remember correctly those are a fine pitch 10mm thread. (Important to know if you have to re-tap the holes.)

Let me run out to the garage and see if I can get the actual thread pitch...

Yep, it is an M10x1.25

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