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I wasn't sure where in the world this should go!

Now it is time to unveil a new site for Z owners in the NYC tri-state area:


The new club is now formed, so you guys I have bothered over the past year in the area....here is your new club.

Before anyone takes this the wrong way, this is not an attempt to take people away from Classiczcar or anything of that nature. This is to inform about a club finally in the lower NY area.

Clive Bogle

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cool! z cars forum in New York. The site needs more members. the feature is good. congratz!

Two weeks later and we have near 60 users! :)

Thanks to people I know who are spreading the word of the club.

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Good to hear from you, Clive. I moved your thread to the "Regional Forums - East" ... It's awesome to see some New Yorkers here! I wanted to find your kind when I was living in NYC, but, just never got around to it. I'm glad to see the website and will come see you guys next time I'm in town..


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The server for that link indicates it is a restricted area that requires a username and password ? ? ?

Any other paths that viewers can access?

Yes use .org

the .com is down as of right now as we work on building the other half of the site. Thanks! :cool:

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