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Slick HD 240Z video


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Nice video.

At rally sprints, we used to put a professional SONY broadcast cam and Fujinon lens about a foot behind one of the rear wheels at the start of the gravel hill climb. It made for some fantastic television as you can imagine. To stop tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage, we built a frame with a slot in front which new thick lexan was dropped into. The frame was out of shot. Cost about $10 a start....one of the cheapest TV effects of the day.

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Ha, just randomly found this thread cruising the forums late at night. My brother who is in film school made that video for my friend & I. He shot it with a Panasonic 1080p HD cam at 720p 24 frames per second. We actually shot most of it near Manassas airport in Prince William County, VA and in some industrial parks around there. It was mainly an exercise for all three of us to get an idea of how to film cars, what looks good and what doesn't so we will be prepared to make some badass HD videos of the track whore when its finished (hopefully this fall).

The owner is indeed RB240Z on hybridZ, him & I are currently working together on restoring/building a hardcore street/track '72 Z with a built L28ET.

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