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Removing the Evaporation Tank


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I'm redoing my fuel system, and debating whether or not I should do away with the evap tank (nissan calls it the reserve tank). I have read that people dont have a problem doing it. Im not really worried about keeping the car origional. I like the idea because there is less piping to replace, and its much cleaner. What do you think, what are the pros and cons?

Here is what I would be doing


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I didn't do it on my 240Z, but replaced all the vent hoses instead. But my car is a low mileage, mostly original survivor and I felt I wanted to maintain as much originality as possible. For a less original car, I'd have by-passed this in a heartbeat. Done correctly, the only possible downside is that it's not original.

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I just did this on my 240 this past weekend. Used the thread linked above for guidance but made a few changes. Instead of soldering on a cap on the vent line on the left side I used a copper pipe cap that fit snugly inside a short piece of 5/8 fuel line, clamped it in place. On the upper end of the vent hose where it connects to the fuel filler neck I used a barbed PVC fitting that was 3/4 inch on one side and 5/8 inch on the other, I trimmed off a couple of the barbes to make it similar in length to the old white plastic tube, this works perfectly and you can't even see it when its all together. The other differnce from the thread linked above is I didn't use the copper 180 degree fitting compilation, I merely left quite a bit of slack in the vent line so it made a nice loop with a rather large radius. So far it has been working well, fuel fumes in the cabin appear to be at much more tolerable levels.

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