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Shifter Bushing


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Yep, the bushings are easy to replace. Like ConchZ said, the rubber boots will likely be dry and brittle being an AZ car, but otherwise it's easy. You might want to replace the boots if they show any signs of cracking. They keep noise, heat and exhaust fumes out of the cabin. There is a small boot over the shifter on the trans itself and a larger rubber boot on the body underneath the interior vinyl shifter boot.

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One tip I can offer you: be careful removing the little circlip from the pin that goes through the shift lever and tranny fork. It's one of those things that is easy to have pop off and vanish, and a pain in the arse to go to the store in search of a replacement.

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If they didn't come with instructions, little lube, press them in with a vice, side at a time, do not hammer them in. I used a very strong magnet near the cir-clip to catch the flying part. Worked well with instalation also, dropped it 3 times, went to the magnet, not the floor.

Bonzi Lon

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