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Exhaust smell in the car info -


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Was getting bad exhaust fumes in the cab - especially with the windows down in my 77 coupe.

Found that the lady who owned the car before me had her friend do some wiring, and the wiring harness dealing with the thermotime switch and related items was jerry-rigged. 3 or 4 wires twisted together, a few were not connected to anything, etc.... (remember that I am the non-mechanic guy on this board).

NISSAN went through it and installed the correct harness. This reduced CO count from 4.63 to 0.16 and the NOX went from 161 to 102.

Drove tonight with windows up, and down, and didn't smell a thing.

My MPG is still at 16 MPG so I will have them run the tests for that on Page 42 in the 280Z Fuel Injector Manual I got off this board.

You guys are helping me more than you know.



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You still have a leak somewhere in the cabin.
Sounded to me like he solved the fume problem. Let us know how it turns out after they run the tests. I'm guessing the source of the low mpg is also a product of your previous owners friends' tinkering.
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