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More Z Humor - Fantasy and Reality


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Fantasy: Old cars are the best and you are going to love it.

Reality Check: Old cars are old. They are old for a reason. And there are

reasons that they dont build them like that anymore.

Fantasy: They go FAST. Men fear them. Chicks dig them.

Reality Check: They arent as fast as you remember or you are slower.

Men say " What is that little THANG you drivin'?"

Women say "Does it have air conditioning and hands free cell calling? Oh I did not know that was not available THEN. How OLD are you?"

Fantasy: They did not cost a lot back in 1975.

Reality Check: I did not have any money in 1975 so buying hot rod parts was not a concern.

Reality Check 2: It will cost a lot more today.

Fantasy: People will see the old car on the road and give you some "space."

Reality Check: LOLLOL You are kidding right? They dont see or care about a damn thing. You are little - get the hell outta my way.

Fantasy: It wil take me a "few weeks" to get everything together and make the car be better than it ever was.

Reality Check: It will takes weeks and several credit cards full of stuff to even start getting it all here much less put together. It may never end.

Fantasy: It will be fun.

Reality Check: Yes -- but it wil become WORK.

Fantasy: The online group will help you.

Reality Check: Yes they do and very helpful too. Great guys there. They have already been there at the Fantasy and Reality Check. :classic:

Please add yours too. Have a Z day today.

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Fantasy: I'll make that pile of parts into a thing of beauty, in no time at all.

Reality: No time is exactly what you'll have. Time and money are a thing of beauty, neither of which can be found in my tool box, or wallet. But the parts will still be there, waiting for you.

Fantasy: You own a beautiful car and your wife loves you both.

Reality: Your beautiful wife can get real ugly when you spend more time and money on the car, instead of her and the "To-Do" list.

Fantasy: You'll get all the help you need at CZCC.

Reality: You'll get all the advice and opinions you'll ever need, But unless you're Will and Larry, you're on your own, Cowboy.

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Dave - I can relate to your second fantasy/reality... Actually I can relate to them all...

How about...

Fantasy: You will spend some of your lottery winnings building a separate garage for your Zs...

Reality: You have never won a thing in your life.... :-) (The Zs remain in off-site storage during the winter)


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