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Need intake manifold photos 280Z, 280ZX


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I am fighting the California smog police and need some help with the emission equipment attached to the intake manifold. I am look for the differences between a 1977 280Z California manifold and a 1982 280ZX California manifold. Specifically I am looking for the differences in how the BCDD and throttle body attach and are connect to the vacuum lines. I think the 1977 has the BCDD on the throttle body and the 1982 has it on the intake?

If anyone has pictures of how these two manifolds, installed, with the emission equipment attached that would help a lot. I have checked both FSM's but the pictures aren't very clear and the description leaves much to be desired.

Thank in advance, Chris

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My 78 has the BCDD on the throttle body as does my 810. The change didn't come until the 82 model year. As far as I know, after the change there was no BCDD. It's function was taken over by the oxygen and cylinder head temp sensors that the earlier system didn't have. Where is it that they are giving you such a hard time for a smog check. Where I go, they check the timing, look for missing components, check the evap system and put the sniffer in the tailpipe.......I've never had any problems on the six tests mine has taken since I've owned it. Nor the 4 with the 810.

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Ref station! I was conducting an engine swap putting a 1977 280Z engine in different car. I was mix an matching some L28 parts that I had already laying around. The computer and fuel injection are from the 1977, the only part that is not is the intake manifold and AFM. That came off a 1982 280ZX. When I check the 1982 FSM there is a BCDD, it is integral with the intake manifold, I just need some picture to help convince myself I have everything and as back-up incase the ref starts asking questions.

I don't want to get an 1982 ECU, as I would need an number of other parts, the wiring harness being the biggest issue. I also don't want a lambda sensor so I need to go with the 1977 set up.

So far the ref has been real nice, but I am just trying to avoid any problems and having to go back multiple times.

Stephen, if you could post a couple shots of your TB showing the BCDD and then maybe a general engine shot, showing the vacuum routing from the BPT valve forward. That would be great. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give. I was hoping you might chime in, your posts are alway very informative.

I will take a picture of my manifold and try to post it. Thanks,


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I have attached a picture of 1982 280ZX manifold. What I think is the BCDD is highlight in the black square. Notice nothing is attached to the throttle body.

Page EF & EC 117 of the 1982 280ZX FSM from Xenon's site


Show's the BCDD, just wondering if it is what I have the black box around in the attached picture.



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I think I know that car. Perhaps I have seen it at one of the local Japanese car shows or Datsun shows.....I know I've seen it. ZCCIV Show in 2007? Temecula? Was that you parked next to my 320?


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