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Need Some Recommendations for a 280z Exhaust System


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I have a 1978 280z 2+2 and i need some recommendations on a muffler.

When I got the car it was running a straight pipe. I took it to get an exhust on it and they put on a resonator, and a magnaflow exhaust. 2.25 pipes


I dont know the resonator type, but this system is to loud. My main idea is to turn the car into a fun daily driver and not a race car. I do want a nice sound. but i want it to be quieter.

I've been told that a flowmaster 40 series wouldn't fit, so could 60 series?

heres the sizes

Flowmaster 60

5" X 10 " X 13" - 19 " Overall Length

Will it fit?

and what all can i do to make the car quiter i know they originaly came with 2 mufflers, can i fit a muffler like the flowmasters under the main body or is that a bad idea?

Sorry for all the questions any help would be great. This is my first real project car


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Better late than never.

On my '77 280z, the original (muffler only) dimension is: 5.5" X 10 " X 15". Under the center of the car is a small second muffler (non-California car). I think this is a catalytic converter on the California model.

I'm also looking at replacing the exhaust system, keeping with the original noise specs.

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Here's a cheap trick I found. Extend your tailpipe 8-10" beyond the end of your rear bumper.

Yes, you will trip, catch your legs / pants on it every time you go around the rear of the car...

Above about 35mph, ALL of the noise is being spewed out behind you, and you kinda "outrun" it. The car gets a lot quieter. I've done this on muscle cars, sports cars, all sorts of cars that I wanted a free flowing exhaust but not quite so much noise at mid and higher rpm's out on the highway, but a nice roar in town.

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Except that the OP hasn't been here since May of 2009 so he isn't likely to benefit from the answer.

Hi sblake01,

Not doing this for his benefit, but for others like me. I have the same question.

Wade, trying to keep the car pretty much original. Not looking to increase performance, just reliability. Just replace all fuel hoses with Gates Barricade hoses (rated for blended fuels). Read that E10 gas is breaking down the rubber in regular fuel hoses, causes all kinds of issues in older cars.

Recently read that the gov is increasing gasoline to E15. How is E15 going to effect the fuel pump/injectors and performance? But that should be another post topic.


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With ethanol more pricey than gasoline these days it's unlikely the government will MANDATE E15. A little ethanol (E5-10) gathers water, boosts, octane, and results in more complete combustion because of the oxygen it brings to the fireball, DESPITE the lower energy density of E10 gas vs non-alcohol-added. More than a little is of no benefit to any of those worthy goals and only lowers MPGs further.

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Don't forget this quote from Energy Secretary Steven Chu:

“Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

Many have the philosophy that higher gas prices will lower consumption and greenhouse gases.

I hope you are right.

After replacing 3 fuel injectors in my 1993 300zx, started using only non-ethanol gasoline $$$ in the 300zx. Haven't replace an injector since. Some say the ethanol effects the injector, others say it's the fuel hoses. The 280z now has all new ethanol resistant fuel hoses, so going to burn the E10 and see what happens.

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