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  1. oh and i'm not looking for a ricer muffler, the tin can look just doesnt look right
  2. I have a 1978 280z 2+2 and i need some recommendations on a muffler. When I got the car it was running a straight pipe. I took it to get an exhust on it and they put on a resonator, and a magnaflow exhaust. 2.25 pipes http://www.magnaflow.com/02product/displayapplications.asp?partnumber=14820 I dont know the resonator type, but this system is to loud. My main idea is to turn the car into a fun daily driver and not a race car. I do want a nice sound. but i want it to be quieter. I've been told that a flowmaster 40 series wouldn't fit, so could 60 series? heres the sizes Flowmaster 60 5" X 10 " X 13" - 19 " Overall Length Will it fit? and what all can i do to make the car quiter i know they originaly came with 2 mufflers, can i fit a muffler like the flowmasters under the main body or is that a bad idea? Sorry for all the questions any help would be great. This is my first real project car Thanks
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