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Crane XR3000 ignition wiring question


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Hi all,

I was tidying up the wires under my hood and trying to get my tach to work but to no avail. Does anyone have the install instructions on the Crane XR3000 ignition module. The prior owner installed the part and I can’t figure out what he did. I have tried to reference the wiring scheme in the Haynes manual but it seems that I have wires near the distributor that don’t belong there. The car currently starts and runs in the following configuration

Here is where my wires are currently going

From XR3000:

Yellow – coil

Red + coil

Z wiring

Green white to coil +

Black with white to coil +

Black wire that goes to the round thing on the side of the distributor (what is that thing?)

Extra wires are:

Solid green

Black with yellow

Yellow with white

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Hi, I just joined or I would have been able to help you out on the tachometer question when you originally posted. I had the same problem when I replaced my dual points with the Crane electronic ignition XR3000 and used the Crane PS60 coil. The XR3000 comes with a resistor as part of the system and the coil doesn't come with one (the PS60 is rated for RPMs higher than the PS20 and PS40 which both spec a 6500 max.) It ran well with both the original resistor (somewhere in the wiring harness - I could never find it) and the reistor in the electronic ignition. However my tach stopped working - could only handle the one resistor. After looking closely at the wiring diagram, I installed a jumper on the wires coming into the ignition switch and now the tach works again - and it runs great! Good luck.

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