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Brake lights


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What's the blinker switch assembly that you're talking about? I've just baught my 240 and i have the same problem. All other light works but not the brake lights. New bulb and switch by the pedal. Still not working. Any info would help. thx

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I spent a hell of a long time trying to figure this out. Couldn't.

Took it to a sevice station which specializes in Z's and they fixed it. I have the statement from them. It says : 1 turn signal switch $113.40, and install brake light switch.

If need be, you can contact them: Chevron Service Station, Santa Maria , CA. (805) 925-9632.

Hope this helps.

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And it was the turn signal switch unit on the steering column. I could feel the difference in the switch when I turned on the directionals. What this had to do with the brake lights had me.

I would never have figured this but it WORKS now. And I had checked out everything....

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Sorry to revive an old thread, but I am having the exact same problem with the brakelights.

All electronic components work perfectly except for the brakelights and hazard lights.

I suspect a connection on the hazard light switch to the brakelight is broken.

Would anybody know how to access the switch? Is it right behind the hazard switch?

My car is an early '71 with the harzard switch on the dashboard.

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The switch for the brakelight is on the brake pedal arm. It works the same as the switch on E-brake handle. I would probably replace it if you can for safety.

The hazard switch should pop if you can pry it out. Or you might reach in from under/behind to push it out. It has a connector to the under-dash wiring. Mine gets a little loose and quits working sometimes.

Most important: The hazard lights are totally separate from the brake lights. The hazard flasher is connected to the turn signal lamps, not the brake lamps.

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for all of you who don't know yet, YES the brakes go through the turn signal switch for the pure and simple reason of

1) the turn signals and brakes use the same bulbs

2) when you turn the left turn signal on, the switch breaks the connection of the brake light on the left side and sends it through the blinker switch, causing the left side to blink and the right side to still be used as a brake light.

3) its japanese engineering, dont try to second guess it, just go with it.

4) I'll draw you a simple diagram, only because I've torn mine apart three times and could probably build one by memory by now

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