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What color are S30 wiper arms?


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What color are S30 wiper arms?

The ones on '77 Ruby are black and at the Tow Yard, looking for

replacements, all the ones there were Silver.

Except a few 280ZX's which were Black.

Are there other colors for the S30's or were mine painted?


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They were matte silver through '76, black in '77 and '78. I think there was a DOT regulation that forced that change, but could be wrong.

Hmmmm, thats very interesting.

Mine are Matte Black like Sailor said, '77 280Z with a 10/76 build date

VIN HLS30360104.

But the Z I pulled the spares from was another 280Z who's VIN was

almost exactly 1,000 numbers above mine which I thought

was cool, (HLS30361XXX).

I didn't catch the build date though but it was a Silver 280Z, Black interrior,

4speed with the Silver wiper arms,

(somebody else already took the blade asseamblies so I don't know

what color those were)

All I needed was the retaining clip off one to replaced the one the PO failed

to mention was jury rigged :sleep: :cross-eye


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Thanks, Alfa I remember that thread now. Interesting. Makes sense I guess. I like the silver arms because they match the rest of the silver/stainless bits on my car and they look more retro to me with so many cars with black ones nowadays. I have sets in both silver and black, but will use the unpainted ones.

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