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Libre wheel rehabilitation


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Hello all,

I recently acquired a set of A/R Libre wheels and they need some help. My question for all the knowledgeable folks here is what is the "correct" color for the painted center portion of the wheel. Mine have obviously been repainted by the looks of the drips and runs. The next question is how much of the center area gets painted? I think that I see a parting line where the casting gets rougher below the spokes. Finally can anyone recommend a reputable shop to take care of the one wheel that has some curb rash on it. As always thanks in advance.





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Thanks Arne,

I have sent pictures and an email to Terry's. In a perfect world, I may find someone here on the east coast to save on shipping, but as of now I have only found people advertising west of the Mississippi. Maybe someone will suggest that perfect stealth place close to home here in upstate NY. This board is by far and away the best resource for anyone who ones a Z.

Thanks again

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If you want the best paint shop in your area, take it to Harpo at Auto Bahn Body Werks by the Mercedes dealership. His work is flawless, pricey, but flawless.

This guy might also be able to help you out, he specializes in restorations- http://www.riterrestorations.com/ We are restoring the president of ZCCR's Z there right now. The owner is a Datsun freak and owns few factory Datsun race cars.

Shoot me a PM, I live about 20 min from you. I'm starting my own restoration on my 70 shortly.

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I just used Ye Ole Wheel Shop, 7281 Washington Boulevard

ElkRidge, MD. 21075 to restore my Enkei 92s, they came back looking mighty nice, mirror polished rim, painted center-$560 for the set including some filling, mirror polishing, painting the centers, and return shipping. I'll see about posting a pic in the morning-they are in the trailer at the moment, and it is raining...again!


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Arne is right, A/R sold Libres unpainted. So, there is no "correct" color. In their heyday Libres with painted spokes were a popular choice of the (relatively few) owners who wanted that look from aluminum wheels. The most popular colors where I lived then (central NC) were shades of gold/copper/bronze and to match the car's body color.

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  • 4 months later...

Thanks for heads up. Was looking for the real thing. THe single clone I have is a US Mag. Bought during time American was not in business, or quit making Libre. I skidded into a curb in wet weather and cracked the one Libre. Repalcement was the US Mag.

The US mag is zero offset. I get reminded every time I get the rotation done. The Libre was .5 negative offset.

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As of yet I have not found one or two at a price I am willing to pay. I am watching a set on ebay. I will keep looking as I hope you will as well. If I find a set I will certainly post it here on this site and on one other where I have posted this request. Hopefully you may think of me if you find a set first. Feel free to contact me with your find and if price is agreeable I will help with finances up front as well. Thanks and keep looking.


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Hey , got to love the libra's . Mine are painted black currently , but they are to be painted graphite soon to be close to the taillight finisher's color . All 4 of mine are in excellent shape except for the pitting on the center caps . These are shelby vipers and I feel lucky to own such a set that seem to be very desirable .

My teen son's think they are way small at 14 x 5.5 , but I wouldn't have it any other way !

Your AR's will look awesome any way you finish them .



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