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Repainting Grill


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what ever you use, try to find a paint that has elestic or some type of flexibility to is. Like a rubber based paint or something..

Reason I say this is I have painted a few grills and the end result is chipping from traffic and rocks etc. -OR- maybe even using a plastic protector that can be cut to size like those rock chip protection sheets they sell.

Good Luck,


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A lot depends on what you intend for the car.

OEM? Get a can of Les Cannaday's OEM Style Grey which is the same color as the tail-light panels.

Modified: The range of choices in color alone will dictate the type of paint you use.

Looking to stand out? Pick a bright color.

Looking to "blend" in? Pick a Black or Dark Grey in Satin. Don't go with a Flat, it's real hard to keep clean.

As far as recommendations on brand and type Rustoleum, Dupli-Color, Krylon, even Fred Meyer brand all have good paint, but all of these brands will require some preparation before hand. Which one will be mostly influenced by what color you pick, then by what surface preparation you have or need to do.

It's not so simple to say which brand / color ... that depends on you.




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I've used this Duplicolor high performance wheel paint, in graphite, to do a lot of my suspension pieces. It withstands high temperatures, and is resistant to chipping. I intend to use it on my grille, too......


I used this paint on my grill, it worked well ... also powder coating will work super well but is a few more dollars ...

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Powdercoating is great, ... I'll agree with that as far as it goes BUT;

If it's not done properly you'll wind up with the same problem I had with the Bumper bars on the rear of my caravan. CANCER BUBBLES. I had to remove the bars, scrape, sand and Killrust then used a spray can silver auto paint to finish the job. I'm now VERY wary of powdercoating. Same as everything, the preparation is 90% of a good job done.

By the way, ... my paint job has lasted a lot longer than the powdercoating did.



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