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Cool Stuff in the glove box


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I recently took on another project helping out a fellow member Jim Derk. He was looking for someone to help get his car going since he can't find the time. He told me about his time capsule that had not been registered for about 20 years. He brought the car up to my house on the 4th of july. His 8/71 was built a month before mine#41000. After Jim left I started to take a long look at was ahead of me. There was a lot of work but a good solid virtually rust free car with only 85,000 miles original. Looking in every space I investigated the paperwork. The car had the original warranty book with the Datsun warranty card and installation instructions for the A.RA. AC and some other interesting artifacts. I am posting some pics of jims car and paperwork incase some folks would be interested.

I am eager to hear Jim's car run for the first time in many years so i better with it.








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I knew I should have looked in that glove box :)

I was just covered in Por-15 for most of the time in my garage! :)


My car had some of that warranty stuff in the glove box also, including the name and address of the first owner. I googled the address, and darned if the house wasn't on the market....the listing even had photos of the place in Gretna, Louisiana.

Pretty neat to be able to see the driveway that my Z was parked in when they brought it home from the dealership.

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