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  1. Steve is officially "the man" Jim
  2. I knew I should have looked in that glove box I was just covered in Por-15 for most of the time in my garage! Jim
  3. http://tinyurl.com/23hhkh Looks sharp!
  4. This one has $1000 left on it with two hours to go http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Datsun-Z-Series-1970-Datsun-240Z-RARE-CAR-1ST-MO-1ST-YR-EVER-MADE_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6187QQihZ017QQitemZ270108461077QQrdZ1
  5. Called ZCar Source per McKrack... agreed looks like a great place for a full frame off resto but 2 years out at $30 to $40K per car. That's a tad rich for my blood.
  6. Steve.... This is a car I found ina storage locker, parked for more than 20 years. (The holy grail of Zs?) I had it trailered to my garage but I have been working on my Triumph convertible instead. I am looking for someone to take her lovingly from me and get her running again (replacing a lot of rubber it looks like) then I can move on to body work. One place that can do both would be nice but not required.
  7. Thanks. For the right deal I will trailer it someplace. I have a message in to zCarsource...thanks for the tip
  8. Agreed, I don't want a hack job on it but I thought 12 months was a tad long. Maybe not but I am just starting the investigation so I may be sadly mistaken.
  9. Thanks, I called Ultimate Z... pricing was not outrageous given they could not see the car but timing... give them the car, get it back next Spring... wasn't do-able.
  10. Actually I use the word "shop" loosely... also a gifted hobbyist with garage space is welcome.
  11. I need some hands-on help restoring my 71 Z... Am located in Southern Indiana but willing to get the car a reasonable distance for a reasonable shop, someone who will keep it indoors and do some mechanical and/or body work. Any recommendations? Reasonable prices are welcome too! J
  12. Yes, it's all original... I never tried to start it...afraid too much junk in the fuel system. I started on the interior first because it seemed like something I could work on once in a while and not lose my place.
  13. Hi guys.... You may recall I was off-the-chart excited a couple of years ago when I found a 71 that had been in a storage unit for about 18 years... I dived into the interior a couple of weekends...removed the old carpet and got the floors (solid!) down to bare metal and painted them with POR15 to stop any rust from spreading. Anyway, life happened and I have had little time to even touch the car since. Never touched the rest of the car other than an oil change and to see if the engine rotated with a large wrench. It did. (The other owner simply drove it into the storage unit and parked it, s
  14. Haven't touched it in a year.... 8 kids and an MBA will do that to you. Back at it though.
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